For Individuals

We provide Portfolio Management and Financial Planning services for our individual clients. We deliver these services in what we call our "CORE" planning and investment management approach.

CORE involves the following:

  • Detailed review of your Current Investment Assets and Financial Situation.
  • Discussion of client Objectives.
  • Develop a Roadmap for the way ahead.
  • Regularly Evaluate portfolio performance in light of objectives.


We take investment risk seriously and counsel clients to have adequate cash reserves based on their unique circumstances.

Over full market cycles (5 years plus) we strive for above average results at below average risk, based on the client's risk tolerance and stated objectives.

We strive to recommend quality investments and structure portfolios to be appropriate based on a client's time horizon.

As advisors, we need to be able to understand investments and the approach being used by fund managers, before including funds in client portfolios. Transparency is important, and we avoid engineered investment products.

Availability to the Wealth Management planning web site for clients, based on assets under management.

Investment and Planning reports updated each business day

Virtual vault to store important documents

We pay attention to mutual fund investment management fees, seeking to minimize the impact of those fees in client investment results.